The name »Oštir’s Farm« comes from the birth house of the last master France Urbas. It was located a little lower from the present farm (nr. 3, St. Rok). France’s father went to Canada to make money and the mother named Marija, who was managing the farm all by herself, built the hayrack in 1938. The hayrack is still standing there and suits Oštir’s farm.

Later, France built the house by the hayrack and in 1952 France, his mother, grandmother and younger sister moved in. Beside the name, most of the 100 years old furniture and other equipment were transferred in the new house, together with the old iron stove that is still in use. France was the master of the farm until 2011. Most of the things that fill the Oštir’s farm are the result of the dilligent hands of our ancestors.

Today we are restoring the house. We try to put the emphasys on the cultural inheritance of our ancestors. We restored most of the old products, tools and accesorries and when you visit our farm, you can take a look at them.