Map Of Activities


This map is easy to use and helps you plan your active vacation.


SEARCHING THROUGH CATEGORIES – click »select« and choose the category you want. The activities you are searching for show on the map. If you want to see all categories, leave the »select« button.

ZOOM IN / OUT – you can zoom the map in with double left click and zoom it out with double right click.

MARKERS – if you want to know what the specific marker presents, just click on it. A short description with a picture, address and GPS coordinates will appear in a small cloud.

INFO – if you want to know more about specific thing, click on »More details« in the cloud.

THE ROUTE CALCULATOR – there is a route calculator on the right side. You simply copy the addresses (or GPS coordinates) from the clouds to the calculator and confirm your choice. It calculates your optimal route, its’ duration and draws your route on the map.

STREET VIEW / SATELLITE VIEW – in the right upper corner you can switch between the street view and the satelite view.


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